At Strictly Software, we understand that you have a business to run.  You do not have time to spend on programmers who do not have formal training and practical experience developing business applications.  Our principal, Mark Greider, has over 25 years experience developing software systems.   Mark has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems.  This is what he is trained to do, and what he has done for a living since 1984. Mark also continues to take courses to ensure that he has the right skills to continue to provide quality leading edge software in the ever changing technology market.

Our clients range from the United States Navy to Fortune 100 Companies to Nonprofits to Home Businesses - anyone who has a need for a custom software application to allow them to concentrate on their business rather than their data. The following are some of the applications we have developed for our clients:

990 Online (electronic filing of IRS Form 990) - SQL Server / .Net / ASP / XML

Desktop 990 (electronic filing of IRS Form 990) - MS Access / Visual Basic

CLTA-122 automated Title ordering system - SQL Server / Access / XML

Title Forms Generation and Tracking System - SQL Server / Access

Purchase Order Entry and Tracking System - SQL Server / Access

Document Imaging and Retrieval System - Visual Basic/ Access

Telephone Service Tracking Systems (2) - Access

Meeting Finder Web Page - Access

Property Tax Tracking System - Access

Book Review Tracking Systems (2) - Access

VersiFarmTM - Real Estate Prospecting and Marketing System - Visual Basic

Re: MemberTM - Membership and Accounting Database - FoxPro

Help Desk Application - FoxPro

ECAMS - Ground Station for the Navy and Marine F/A-18 Hornet aircraft - Basic Plus 2