Strictly Software is a full service software consulting company.  What that means is that we can do the whole job for you.  From the requirements analysis and design through prototyping, coding, installation, acceptance and support.  We understand how business works .   Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with our clients.  We do this by taking the time to learn your business.  We then develop applications that provide you with the information you need, in the way that you need it, so that you can do what you do best - grow your business.  And we do not stop there.  We continue to support your applications as the needs of your business change.

At Strictly Software, we have a wide variety of tools that we use to help design and implement software systems:

Microsoft SQL Server - SQL Server is a powerful Database System that can be used to develop Client/Server applications in any size office environment.  It can be used as the Back-End database for all of your Desktop and World Wide Web applications.

Microsoft Access - Access is a Windows Relational Database that is suited to most small to medium size desktop or Client/Server applications.  It can be used to develop stand-alone database applications, as a front end development tool for SQL Server applications, or on the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Office - Microsoft office is the most popular of the application suites.  Strictly Software can write custom applications to integrate your SQL Server or Access database information into Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

.Net - .Net is a powerful software development tool that can be used for almost any desktop, client-server or Web based application

Visual Basic - Visual Basic is a powerful software development tool that can be used for almost any desktop or client-server application - Including SQL Server database applications.

Active Server Pages (ASP) - ASP pages are a web based tool for designing dynamic dabase driven websites. Active Server pages can be used in conjunction with SQL server and MS Access Databases.

Additional Tools- We have experience using a wide variety of tools for developing communications, Fax and World Wide Web Database applications.